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Name:Alexander Jefry Sandhu (Fry)
Birthdate:Mar 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
fry badges 25.6.15

My name is Alexander Jefry Sandhu, but I like to be called Fry

Main Milliways Continuity

Fry was born on 17th November 2008 and his age in the main bar is in real time from that point.

He is the firstborn (OC) son of Dr Guppy Sandhu and his wife Fran.

Development: Fry was born prematurely and spent his first few weeks in the special care baby unit. It became apparent after leaving hospital that his development remained all over the place, with some aspects advanced and others delayed. A particularly frustrated baby, he was noticed to be violently averse to being touched. At the age of eight months, his frantically worried parents sought medical advice, and he was diagnosed as likely being autistic. Later, at the age of four, he was formally diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, with the added special educational needs of being intellectually gifted.

Characteristics: Fry does not dislike other people, but he sometimes finds it difficult to interact with them and will get frustrated if he has to work too hard. He prefers to be spoken to like an adult and doesn't like it when people call him 'weird' or similar in front of him.
He hates to be touched, and is sensitive to some bright colours (particularly bright red) and loud sounds (such as recorders or hand driers). He likes things to be the same, particularly because he has a photographic memory.
He has difficulty understanding abstract concepts such as 'over there', or 'raining cats and dogs'. However he is much more logical than most children his age, and has an excellent memory for facts and figures.
He is intensely loyal and when he likes someone will stick up for them to the bitter end!

Physical: Fry is (for his age) tall and skinny. However, you usually can't tell, because being in the academic year above, most of the time he is with kids 3-15 months older than him. He has dark curly hair. He is mixed race (1/2 English, 1/8 Welsh, 3/8 Indian) with slightly tanned skin, darker in summer.

Family: Fry has a sister Coral who is 20 months younger, and another sister Brooklyn who is just under 4 years younger. He has a brother Gilbert who is 5 years 9 months younger.

Mixed Muses Continuity

Fry in this continuity is aged at Millitime+11 years; he is a future projection of the Fry in the main continuity. There are a number of differences between the continuities, but in doubt, the one that relates to the current main timeline is correct.

[Disclaimer: Alexander Jefry Sandhu is an original character, however his father Guppy Sandhu and the Casualty universe are the intellectual property of the BBC. This journal is for role playing purposes in [community profile] milliways_bar and [community profile] mixed_muses from which no profit is made.]

[Side note: Fry is the OC offspring of [personal profile] guppy_sandhu, has been apped along the appropriate moderator channels and will be subject to any limitations they place on me. I have been playing him in real time for five years. He is also very precious to me, so if you do not wish to interact with him, please let me know and I will keep him away.]
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